The Making of a Mural – Part 2 – Peacock Wings

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I’m proud to say I’ve completed the second set of wings in the Wings of the West series!

This set is tucked away in the Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville.

Peacocks reside in the settlement and were the perfect muse for this set of wings. The scale of this set of wings falls somewhere between adult and child size to please the generations that frequent the settlement.

I was challenged by another uneven surface during this project. The texture of this wood structure makes the mural that much more authentic and therefore, worth every bump along the way.

I was especially excited to work with a range of metallic paint for this mural.

The gold made all the difference in the world in making the details pop. I was fortunate to have beautiful weather each day I worked on this mural!! It was so peaceful out there. Thank you to my sweet mom for keeping me company on my last long day of painting!

As many of you know, I just got married!! I’m proud to say I am Erica Kiel, now! I’ve decided to keep my maiden name for my artwork though, so you’ll see I will continue to sign everything as Erica Group.

– Until next time!

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